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A while male with a blue backwards baseball hat, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and light blue oxford (unbuttoned) standing in front of a plume of water splashing up from the ocean

Hi, I'm Chris Ferdinandi.

I help RV newbies kick-start their adventure and explore with confidence.

The learning curve when you get your first camper is steep. I help RV newbies get up-to-speed quickly, so you can avoid common mistakes and enjoy your time on the road.

In 2022, I bought a tiny travel trailer and set out on a 3k mile journey up and down the East Coast. Since then, I’ve traveled over 12k miles and spent months on the road. I’ve seen some amazing things and met some amazing people.

I love pirates, puppies, and Pixar movies, and explore the country with Ryder, our fluffy rescue dog. I live near horse farms in rural Massachusetts.